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  Case_Of c3b8c2cd76
x11-plugins/syncthingtray: version bump to 1.1.8 2 months ago
  Case_Of 1767982b06
dev-util/qtutilities: version bump to 6.4.2 2 months ago
  Case_Of 405677116d
dev-util/cpp-utilities: version bump to 5.10.5 2 months ago
  Case_Of f51612ce4e
net-misc/etebase-server: add py3.9 support 3 months ago
  Case_Of 643e5f6852
media-sound/whipper: drop after merge in ::gentoo 3 months ago
  Case_Of c6b585b9ac
media-sound/whipper: new package 3 months ago
  Case_Of 70978ebd93
net-misc/subnetcalc: new package 4 months ago
  Case_Of 21116f37e2
net-libs/libetebase: bump openssl-sys crate to 0.9.62 4 months ago
  Case_Of e0b02e388e
x11-plugins/syncthingtray: drop libressl USE flag 4 months ago
  Case_Of 58975b6237
net-libs/libetebase: drop libressl USE flag 4 months ago
  Case_Of 8a5e6242a4
net-misc/seafile{,-client}: package removal after ::gentoo merge 5 months ago
  Case_Of eaeba71d73
net-misc/seafile-client: new package 5 months ago
  Case_Of a936bef742
net-misc/seafile: new package 5 months ago
  Case_Of bf9acc4808
www-servers/uvicorn: remove package after addition to ::gentoo 6 months ago
  Case_Of c06b31dbc8
net-misc/etebase-server: switch to dev-python/uvicorn::gentoo 6 months ago
  Case_Of 1de60dcd0b
gnome-extra/evolution-etesync: new package 6 months ago
  Case_Of 7986f847fa
net-libs/libetebase: add a symlink for gnome-extra/evolution-etesync 6 months ago
  Case_Of 4fbd040af2
x11-plugins/syncthingtray: version bump to 1.1.3 6 months ago
  Case_Of 2584fe9cf1
dev-util/qtutilities: version bump to 6.3.3 6 months ago
  Case_Of ee69d8e922
dev-util/cpp-utilities: version bump to 5.10.1 6 months ago
  Case_Of 48cc897654
www-servers/uvicorn: version bump to 0.13.4 6 months ago
  Case_Of fd6be90ca8
dev-python/drf-nested-routers: version bump to 0.93.3 6 months ago
  Case_Of 4e8c00c5cf
dev-python/django-cors-headers: remove redundant to ::gentoo 6 months ago
  Case_Of 3384821c1f
net-misc/etebase-server: version bump to 0.7.0 6 months ago
  Case_Of 2010efb893
net-libs/libetebase: new package 6 months ago
  Case_Of 8a7d126e50
dev-python/pypandoc: updated pandoc deps 6 months ago
  Case_Of bdefa59771
app-editors/apostrophe: versiom bump to 2.4 6 months ago
  Case_Of de67cb652e
app-office/grammalecte: version bump to 2.1.2 6 months ago
  Case_Of 2478654c52
app-office/grammalecte: version bump to 2.1.1 7 months ago
  Case_Of 6930cafadd
app-office/grammalecte: version bump to 2.1.0 7 months ago
  Case_Of 820b947c12
net-misc/seafile: drop after ::gentoo merge 8 months ago
  Case_Of 031eec3c4a
net-misc/seafile-client: drop after ::gentoo merge 8 months ago
  Case_Of 6d40139d1c
net-misc/seafile-client: update Manifest 8 months ago
  Case_Of 5ecaceb753
games-strategy/hedgewars: add lua eclass 8 months ago
  Case_Of ecefbf5801
games-strategy/hedgewars: drop 1.0.0 release 8 months ago
  Case_Of e30fab06dd
net-misc/etebase-server: added initd scripts and RDEPEND on uvicorn 8 months ago
  Case_Of 603b0d3f44
net-misc/seafile: fix libressl/openssl deps 8 months ago
  Case_Of bedb8c7c55
net-misc/etebase-server: new package 8 months ago
  Case_Of 651d8d2a31
www-servers/uvicorn: new package 8 months ago
  Case_Of d02c96c9e3
dev-python/django-cors-headers: new package 8 months ago
  Case_Of 2b41066e39
dev-python/drf-nested-routers: new package 8 months ago
  Case_Of d822119c74
dev-python/httptools: new package 8 months ago
  Case_Of 3ccb6b17fc
net-misc/seafile-client: new package 8 months ago
  Case_Of 7f945a0d85
net-misc/seafile: new package 8 months ago
  Case_Of 9b42927947
x11-misc/albert: version bump to 0.17.2 8 months ago
  Case_Of 97f5b27a63
x11-misc/albert: remove old 9 months ago
  Case_Of ceaab6fd3e
x11-misc/albert: version bump to 0.17.1 9 months ago
  Case_Of a25dafc1e8
app-editors/apostrophe: update python dependencies 9 months ago
  Case_Of 157c3115e6
app-office/grammalecte: version bump to 2.0.0 9 months ago
  Case_Of d36e431612
x11-themes/qtstyleplugins: package removal 9 months ago