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  Mablr 8ae6125c02 adding GPG in footer 1 year ago
  Mablr c80d17eb1c disable minimize function by default 1 year ago
  Mablr 20205d0920 minimize_html function 2 years ago
  Mablr c4ace9c482 moving nav links to top of the landing page 2 years ago
  Carlos Fenollosa 89780c3108 Merge pull request #124 from thalios1973/feat/pandoc-test-fix 4 years ago
  Carlos Fenollosa 025cf7922c Merge pull request #125 from thalios1973/feat/body-end-file 4 years ago
  Mike Gauthier 272b1b6ab7 Added ability to include custom code just before the </body> tag. body_end_file global config variable added. 4 years ago
  Mike Gauthier c9a297c9b1 Added additional check that will allow the use of pandoc without the --strict flag or 'hsmarkdown' hack. 4 years ago
  Carlos Fenollosa 9f66ad0c5b README formatting 4 years ago
  Carlos Fenollosa 500253e2ad Support for static, not managed by bashblog html files. Close #92 4 years ago
  Carlos Fenollosa 3c73ef63cd Deleted the now defunct Twitter JSON API for share count. Fix #117 4 years ago
  Carlos Fenollosa b5a459022d bump version to 2.8 4 years ago
  Carlos Fenollosa 5c8e0e56e1 Revert changes in #116 4 years ago
  Carlos Fenollosa 5fc037f4b9 Merge branch 'master' of github.com:cfenollosa/bashblog 4 years ago
  Carlos Fenollosa 2f598c14b8 Better error message for vim. Close #112 4 years ago
  Carlos Fenollosa 5e70713e85 support Markdown.pl in bashblog folder. Close #113 4 years ago
  Carlos Fenollosa 349ed8e3a7 Slavic language support, thanks to Tomasz Jadowski 4 years ago
  Carlos Fenollosa c6a9bef803 Revert tag management from #116 4 years ago
  Carlos Fenollosa 6222672817 Better error message for $EDITOR. Close #112 4 years ago
  Carlos Fenollosa 36d79b5cdd support Markdown.pl in bashblog folder. Close #113 4 years ago
  Carlos Fenollosa 7154c0746b Merge pull request #116 from McDutchie/master 4 years ago
  Carlos Fenollosa 2157b92166 Slavic language support, thanks to Tomasz Jadowski 4 years ago
  Martijn Dekker f50a17cdab tags_in_post(): bugfix for non-GNU 'sed' 5 years ago
  Martijn Dekker 2a29b22a7a Fix renaming using 'bb.sh edit -n'. Suppress 'which' errmsg. 5 years ago
  Martijn Dekker 62a26bb575 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' 5 years ago
  Martijn Dekker 54cc0c8060 More code refactoring. Limit word splitting and disable globbing by default. 5 years ago
  Carlos Fenollosa a36566a90c Update README.md 5 years ago
  Carlos Fenollosa 2b8b02ac58 simplified a couple commands and removed debug echos 5 years ago
  Carlos Fenollosa a08f47bb69 Store post dates in html comment. Sync those with filesystem. Closes #96 5 years ago
  Carlos Fenollosa 09fa553233 avoid the user mistakingly using 'edit <draft>' instead of 'post <draft>' 5 years ago
  Carlos Fenollosa dd3c8a4a11 Merge pull request #105 from louwers/patch-1 5 years ago
  Bart 1f4d3dd2bf Added support for images and made author field optional 5 years ago
  Martijn Dekker d1a84d6eec Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' 5 years ago
  Martijn Dekker a674ec5837 rebuild_tags(): use array for more robust file handling 5 years ago
  Carlos Fenollosa 9ac5989932 Merge branch 'master' of github.com:cfenollosa/bashblog 5 years ago
  Carlos Fenollosa b22d968278 'rebuild' now keeps original author. Fixes #99 5 years ago
  Carlos Fenollosa 48f1fd465f Merge pull request #103 from platschi/master 5 years ago
  platschi 10078f28cb remove topsy, their website now gets forwarded to apple support 5 years ago
  Carlos Fenollosa 93d6877a38 fix #94 #97 5 years ago
  Carlos Fenollosa 93717bc9b8 Merge pull request #87 from McDutchie/master 5 years ago
  Carlos 7d60c63ec5 fix #85 5 years ago
  Martijn Dekker e3cf406bd1 test_markdown() without temporary files 5 years ago
  Martijn Dekker 9794f1635a fix unquoted $global_disqus_username that shellcheck.net didn't catch 5 years ago
  Martijn Dekker c3e0572be6 Get rid of a couple of more shellcheck.net warnings. 5 years ago
  Martijn Dekker 7771fab820 Some more code and performance optimisations 5 years ago
  Martijn Dekker c683019d7c XHTML compliance fix: self-close meta tag 5 years ago
  Carlos 044e53d56c updated README 5 years ago
  Carlos 62ef0f4a98 updated changelog 5 years ago
  Carlos 5ee22cf7b4 Update the 'not abandoned by' date 5 years ago
  Carlos 37bef699bf fixed posts singular/plural 5 years ago