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Ansible role for HedgeDoc

Ansible role for installing and configuring HedgeDoc without Docker


Role Variables

General (required)

Variable Name Function example value
hedgedoc_domain Main domain of HedgeDoc
hedgedoc_session_secret Cookie session secret used to sign the session cookie ThisIsSecret!Do_not_useMe

Database (required)

Variable Name Function default comment
hedgedoc_db_dialect Dialect of the database postgres one of mysql, postgres, sqlite and mssql
hedgedoc_db_host Host the database is running on localhost
hedgedoc_db_username Username of the database hedgedoc
hedgedoc_db_password Password of the database user
hedgedoc_db_port Port of the database server localhost
hedgedoc_db_storage Path to the sqlite file (only required and used when using sqlite)

General (optional)

Variable Name Function default comment
hedgedoc_version Version of HedgeDoc that will be installed 1.7.2
hedgedoc_source Path to pre-compiled HedgeDoc archive{{ hedgedoc_version }}/hedgedoc-{{ hedgedoc_version }}.tar.gz
hedgedoc_base_path Base path of HedgeDoc installation /opt/hedgedoc
hedgedoc_user Linux user that will be used/created for HedgeDoc hedgedoc
hedgedoc_group Linux main group for the user specified in hedgedoc_user hedgedoc
hedgedoc_port Port HedgeDoc will listen on 3000
hedgedoc_allowed_origins Domain name whitelist [ "{{ hedgedoc_domain }}" ]
hedgedoc_upload_type Where to upload images filesystem
hedgedoc_loglevel Kinds of log HedgeDoc will output to stdout warn one of debug, verbose, info, warn and error
hedgedoc_additional_config Plain text block added to the configuration file

Security (optional)

Variable Name Function default comment
hedgedoc_hsts_enable Enable HSTS true
hedgedoc_csp_enable Enable CSP true

Login and privileges (optional)

Variable Name Function default comment
hedgedoc_allow_email_login Enable Login with E-Mail true
hedgedoc_allow_email_register Enable Registration (on web-interface) with E-Mail true
hedgedoc_allow_free_url Allow creating notes by accessing a non-existent note url true
hedgedoc_allow_anonymous Allow anonymous (not logged in) access true
hedgedoc_allow_anonymous_edits Allow users to set note permission to freely to allow not logged in users editing notes true


This role does not have any dependencies.