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  Leo Maroni 4ea2e42cb9
Update hedgedoc to 1.7.2 8 months ago
  Leo Maroni 21c34ea6f9
Merge branch 'fcharlier-allow_disable_ssl' 8 months ago
  François Charlier b7a2246bc5 Allow disabling SSL 8 months ago
  Leo Maroni 1dfb5ec4a6
Update hedgedoc to 1.7.1 8 months ago
  Leo Maroni 17a79821da
Update to 1.7.0 \o/ and fix readme 9 months ago
  Leo Maroni cbc0f1fc62
Add missing variables to README 9 months ago
  Leo Maroni a2ba428365
Fix role name in galaxy info 9 months ago
  Leo Maroni 69936e53b5
Update HedgeDoc to 1.7.0-rc2 9 months ago
  Simeon Keske f47a971e34
restart hedgedoc after update 9 months ago
  Leo Maroni 971b2a9276
Add ansible galaxy structure, README and optimized a bit 9 months ago
  Simeon Keske ec6b132c11
rename handler 9 months ago
  Leo Maroni 4070945091
[BREAKING] Rename to hedgedoc, remove saml, update config vars 9 months ago
  Simeon Keske 9206a004ac
allow to configure upload method 11 months ago
  Simeon Keske 819449c065
make service-path absolute 1 year ago
  Leo Maroni 520ff6cb5b
Added possibility for configuring email login; booleans are now real 1 year ago
  Leo Maroni f7f4358a7b
Added possibilities to access via saml 1 year ago
  Leo Maroni 9df348b77b
Changed CSP, added handler to restart systemd service when config has 1 year ago
  Leo Maroni 83f05276d3
make linter a bit happier 1 year ago
  Leo Maroni b1d3bb699d
Initial commit (already working) 1 year ago